Indequest has assembled a team of rehabilitation specialists who assist our case managers in their effort to restore function and productivity to injured individuals. It is our goal to assist injured individuals in securing appropriate, gainful employment in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Vocational Rehabilitation

Our trained vocational rehabilitation specialists provide services including:

Job Seeking Skills Training and Placement

  • Initial vocational assessments and testing
  • Assistance in developing effective job seeking tools including interviewing and follow-up
  • Introduction to various open and hidden job market resources
  • Job retention skills training

Wage Earning Capacity Evaluations

  • Objective evaluations to determine an individual’s employability and their maximum wage earning capacity. This is based on the individual’s qualifications, training and abilities.

Employability Assessment and Labor Market Surveys

  • Employability Assessments and Labor Market Surveys are useful tools when dealing with wage loss issues. These evaluations help to reduce or eliminate benefits relating to injury claims.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

  • TSAs provide an individual’s detailed work history, education, training, experiences and abilities. TSAs objectively determine jobs a person may be qualified for if they can no longer perform their previous work responsibilities. TSAs can serve as a valuable tool when job services are being offered for unskilled or semi-skilled workers. TSAs also add value to situations when employability is being questioned or litigated. 

Occupational Therapy and Home/Environmental Assessment Services

The IndeQuest team of occupational therapists helps injured parties regain their skills and provides support for those experiencing physical or cognitive changes.  They provide the following services:

Attendant Care/Household Service Evaluations

  • Skilled evaluation of the injured party’s daily living activities to include safety, accessibility and level of independence along with an evaluation of the attendant care provider, if applicable, to ensure necessity and quality of service.

Environmental Assessment/Home Modifications 

  • Skilled evaluation of the claimant’s environment and its effects on the ability to perform desired activities.
  • Recommendations are made for modifications to promote safe living through alterations, adjustments or additions to the home environment.
  • Existing home modification proposals can be reviewed to ensure they are reasonable and necessary.

In-Home Treatment and Therapy

  • The occupational therapist evaluates and monitors coordination, balance, strength, vision, attention, and many other functions while the injured party performs daily tasks.
  • An occupational therapist can assist in recommending assistive devices when appropriate, and train the injured party on their use.