Female Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident

We guide our clients through the phases of recovery during these challenging times by providing the following:

Patient Care

  • Ongoing communication with client/family, providers, and customer
  • Discharge planning
  • Scheduling, accompaniment and transportation to medical appointments
  • Home health care arrangement and monitoring
  • Durable medical equipment arrangement and monitoring
  • Negotiated rate reduction with medical providers


  • Client and family provided information on relevant insurance coverage/benefits
  • Utilization of community services
  • Community re-entry

Maximizing Recovery

  • Assistance in arranging home modifications
  • Vocational assessment and monitoring
  • Monitoring and management of return to work status


Utilization Management Dedicated to Ensuring Medically Appropriate Health Care

Utilizing established guidelines, we evaluate the medical necessity of health care services and even recommend alternative care solutions, whenever possible.