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years of experience.

certified & highly trained nurses

Satisfied Clients Say:

“As the father of two with a full time job, there were many things to worry about after my wife’s stroke.  Our IndeQuest nurse case manager advised me that she would handle virtually anything to do with the medical system and she did!  She told me I should focus on helping my wife get better, my children and my own health and not the complicated health care system.  I can honestly say that our nurse case manager has gone above and beyond throughout this experience and has helped keep my wife at home to recover rather than back in the hospital.” 

“From the very beginning of my case, my IndeQuest nurse case manager has helped me more than you can imagine.  She has always been there no matter what small detail, and has done more for me than any human being could do for somebody.  I feel so grateful and lucky for anyone else who is under her care.  She is not only very professional, but very personable.  She has always made me feel very comfortable, and I have even felt befriended.  She is a very exceptional person and should be recognized for her work and personality.  She has changed my life for the better, throughout my case.  I cannot thank her enough, and will never be able to repay her for all her hard work.”

 “Considering the many months of hospitalization and the seriousness of my husband’s illness, I know I could not have gotten through this ordeal without our IndeQuest nurse case manager.  She took care of providing for all the mechanical devices needed for my husband’s home care and advocated with our insurance company for a special bed.  I never had to worry about doctors’ appointments or any medical supplies.  Our nurse case manager had a personal commitment to seeing all our needs were met in this time of extreme stress.  We are so grateful.”