Auto/Work Comp Injuries

Our Nurses work with each claimant to provide competent oversight and direction to achieve rehabilitation goals, minimize cost and accelerate file closure.

Automobile/Work Comp Injuries

IndeQuest nurses efficiently guide all our clients through all the phases of their recovery while minimizing the time and financial cost to the adjustor. This is accomplished by completing the following:

Maximizing Recovery

Provide efficient care coordination including the following:

  • Discharge planning
  • Procure home health care, transportation and equipment
  • Assistance in arranging home modifications
  • Referral to alternate facilities
  • Ongoing communication with providers and adjustor

Monitor compliance with treatment plan

  • Medication review
  • Medical appointments
  • Therapy programs

Monitoring and management of return-to-work status

Minimizing Costs

  • Obtain cost comparisons for services being rendered
  • Reduce adjustor time spent on file by providing effective case management
  • Decrease time taken to reach maximum medical improvement


  • Client is provided information on relevant insurance coverage/benefits
  • Information on current conditions, necessary life adjustment and treatment options
  • Utilization of community services
  • Community re-entry

Rehabilitation Therapies

Our Vocational Therapists can provide services including:

  • Evaluation and aid in developing job seeking skills
  • Assist with resume building and job placement
  • Complete wage-earning capacity evaluations
  • Conduct employability assessments, labor market surveys and transferable skills analysis (TSA’s

Our Occupational Therapists are happy to assist with:

  • Attendant Care/Household Services Evaluations
  • Assessment, cost analysis, market surveys and proposals for modifications needed or maximum recovery
  • Assistive device introduction, training and education