About Your Exam

Thank you for visiting our website.  Below are answers to some common questions you may have in advance of your IME appointment.

About your appointment

Thank you for visiting our website.  Below are answers to some common questions you may have in advance of your IME appointment.

An IME is different from a visit with your treating physician.  These evaluations are specifically requested to address questions relative to the injury or condition at issue in your specific claim.  An IME provider is unable to prescribe medications or other treatment, or establish a physician/patient relationship with you due to the nature of these evaluations.  You should continue to follow up with your personal physicians or other health care providers for your treatment needs.

The provider performing your IME is an independent contractor and a fully licensed and credentialed health care professional. He/she will perform a physical examination focused on the areas of concern in your claim, review all available medical records and diagnostic tests, and render a report of findings which will be forwarded to the entity who requested your IME.

After your IME, you have a right to receive a copy of the report from the insurance entity once it is complete. Please be aware that Axiom Evaluations is unable to release a copy of the report to you directly due to the nature of the IME process.

We have a detailed Privacy Policy in place which includes full compliance with HIPAA standards regarding to the physical and electronic storage of all records pertaining to examinees. Your report will be released only to authorized entities upon request.

In most cases, you will receive a letter in the mail with all of the details of the appointment, including the name of the evaluator and their specialty, the location of the evaluation, and the date and time.  We do ask that you please confirm the appointment with us by calling 844-294-6372.  We will also place a reminder call 48 hours before your appointment date.  You do not need to bring any medical records with you or do any other special preparation, although if you do have additional records or test results you would like the IME provider to review, please bring those to your appointment.  Enclosed with your letter may also be a medical history form which the evaluator asks that you fill out to help get a full picture of your condition.

You will never be charged personally for an IME, including any x-rays or lab tests that may be performed as part of the process. The entity that referred you for the evaluation is fully responsible for all charges.